We are proud to bring the kabbalah meditation that we have received from the pages of the Torah, the Mishnah and of course the Zohar, as well as some well known Rabbi similar to Ari Haghados and present it to you as we are in the Aquarius century. And for the first time, have kabbalistic artwork printed on MIRROR. We'd like your spirit along with the the Neshama of kabbalah meditation to be invited to celebrate happiness and peace that comes from the elements of letters that Hashem's energy enforces to be introduced to you. Prayer and Tefila is a conversation between us and Hashem. However, meditation is a relationship between Hashem and us that we haven't connected in the past centuries before. It's simple to have a relationship with Hashem.  For example, one way of obtaining it is by merely scanning and looking at words by meditating; this connection can easily be started. However, this process needs to be routinely observed in joy, sorrow, in sickness and in health. So for this reason at the bottom of each piece of artwork there will be a brief description and it will be up to you to determine how you are connected to the artwork. Please realize that each artwork has a reflection, so by lighting a small candle or light, it will enhance the energy manifested by the artwork.