Dear friends

We would like to thank God that for the first time after centuries, we are able to look with our inner conscience ,not watching through the eyes from the outside, to introduce you with words, sentences and pictures that have reflection with variety of mirrors and mellow candlelight. Please pay attention that the number of pictures are limited to 10 pieces only. Meditation is not an art but inviting you to this gathering is an art by itself and we are happy to be able to do this. Art originates from our soul and like love is always in movement, therefore art and love are not motionless.This is the reason that all the real artists are in contact with their soul and within, so this contact itself can be meditation. Meditation is an awareness that is completed with inner look, therefore this is our task. We will better introduce you to the art of meditation, that is why our name is Meditation Art Design

Please look at us, not watch.